10 Best Photo Editing Apps for Instagram to Use (2023)

We’re living in an era where perfection is the norm and everything can be corrected and made to look flawless. Literally. Who had ever thought that one day there will be apps where editing photographs is easier than photoshop? And also free of cost! Yes, many of these apps are free. You can select from a myriad of filters. Also, you can edit, and resize them in order to make your posts aesthetically appealing to your target audience. In this article, we will discuss the best photo editing app for Instagram.

The right tools and apps are all you need to make these tweaks to your pictures. You must edit them till they look great and blend cohesively with your Instagram feed. You can also do so by adding colored backgrounds. There are umpteen apps for the purpose of photo editing, having some features in common and some special ones. The features you will primarily need are cropping and adjusting, increasing/ decreasing brightness, adding filters, contrast, saturation, sharpness, highlights, shadows, vignette effects, and more.

Having a visually appealing Instagram page as a whole is where the bar is set currently. Your page must follow a theme and be reflective of who you are as a brand if you are using Instagram for business. You must post accordingly in order to engage well with your audience.

There’s a way you can level up your Insta game, by using the following 10 Best Photo Editing Apps for Instagram.


Canva - best photo editing app for instagram

Android | iOS

Canva is one of the best photo editing app for instagram out there! It has customizable templates for every purpose and can be used to edit your photographs will elements, add text and design attention grabbing posts and stories. With the right colors, fonts, graphics and elements, you can design some incredibly eye-catching posts and bring attention to your page.

This can further enhance your Instagram following. Your content and feed must communicate truly with your followers and give them the essence of your product with the help of visuals.

One can also adjust the brightness, sharpness, contrast and other similar features to improve the quality of the images. There are many other advanced tools, such as “touch up” and “clone tool” to name a few. However, these easy ones are perfect for basic editing.

Color story

Color story


Color Story is a best photo editing app for Instagram with plenty of features to beautify the photographs, alter their colors and add effects to make it look aesthetically pleasing. With Color Story, the core elements of your photographs that have been edited, will pop out with bright color.

In addition to these, they have over 100 unique and extremely beautiful filters you can apply to your pictures. It has lightroom presets, along with Photoshop actions as well. People all over the world use Color Story to make their pictures brighter and more colorful.

Furthermore, they have 20 free tools and about 40 movable effects that you can play around with, tune areas of the picture. You have all the creative freedom you possibly need to edit the photograph phenomenally. It is free of cost.


Snapseed - best photo editing app for instagram


A free best photo editing app for Instagram that helps you a lot to gain popularity on Instagram over time and offers various free presets to use and try out. It also gives you the opportunity to manually edit your photographs, along with providing plenty of professional editing presets. Snapseed’s editor also allows you to edit raw photographs and apply the same edits to several other pictures for Instagram.

It is also available free of cost for both Android and iOS. Snapseed has video editing features as well, in addition to the rest of the amazing and advanced features it provides. Not only does it have a user-friendly interface, it also walks its users through a basic tutorial on how the app is to be used.

Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express


Photoshop Express is Adobe’s photo editor for you to edit images for Instagram. You have a vast range of features that you can use for the same, such as cropping, re-sizing, airbrushing images, and applying filters on them. You can add logos or watermarks on your images, remove any spots or blemishes that need to be corrected.

Along with that, you can even remove the background of the image. It is a mini version of Adobe Photoshop for Instagram. Photoshop Express has two versions, free and paid. The paid version naturally contains more advanced and professional features as opposed to the free, which is most likely a basic framework.

It is available on Android and iOS as well. This app will be far easier to use for more learned users, preferably who have some knowledge and have used Photoshop previously. However, even newbies can learn and pick it up in a short span.

Photoshop Express’s exclusive features include enhancing images, retouching them, adding overlays, making collages, adding special effects and correcting images. It also consists of the smart healing brush tool, which helps eliminate individual objects from the image, amongst others. It is one of the best photo editing app for IG, easy to use on Instagram as well.

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InstaSize - best photo editing app for instagram


InstaSize is one of the most widely used best photo editing apps for Instagram. It provides you with 80 filters to pick from, to enhance your images. It lets you resize your images to whatever size you wish to customize it to. Its numerous editing tools, beauty editing features, ability to create custom collages. Along with various other professionally advanced tools, these make it a best photo editing app for Instagram.

It keeps adding on new features from time to time. For example, their advanced beauty editing tools that were added on much later. InstaSize has two versions, the basic free one and the paid version which is premium and has more advanced features for photo editing. It is available for both, android and iOS.




Pixlr is a photo editing application used for the purpose of editing, animation and design. It has its own set of tools, including many photo editors as well the provision of sharing photographs. The features of this application ranges from simple and basic to much more advanced and professional editing.

Pixlr offers three subscription plans which are the Free, Premium and Creative pack version.  As easily accessible as it is on phones, tablets and personal computers, it works easily with images in any format, such as png, jpeg, psd etc. Recently, new tools were introduced and some were modified on the app, such as various brushes, healing tool, Animation tools, and more.

The objective of the brush features is to enable hand-drawn effects. With the help of Heal tool, one can remove objects individually from images. The animation tool can include movement into the changes made in the edits, along with the batch upload, which can edit at least 50 pictures at the same time.


Fotor - best photo editing app for instagram


Fotor is a well-known photo editing application, with tools created to improve and correct any problems with an image. It helps enhance the image along with various other features for editing. Not only is Fotor used for photo editing purposes but also for Graphic Design, with many editing tools along with its patented HDR technologies.

Furthermore, with Fotor, you can create photo collages, or choose from its several design templates. You can use special effects and other features you can use to edit photographs and perform graphic design to create wonderful designs. It is also super easy and convenient to use.

Other features this application provides are applying HDR effects to images, apply filters, retouch images and remove any spots or blemishes to correct them. They also provide you with many fonts, graphics, stickers that you can add to your images, in order to make them stand out. Fotor has a free and a paid version, and is available on android and iOS.




VSCO is a photo editing and sharing application for mobile devices, that allows you to capture an image from the camera of the app itself. You can further on use any of its filters and editing tools. In a way it is similar to Instagram with regard to editing images and sharing them on the app itself with other users.

VSCO is an extension of creative expression. However, there is no platform for interaction or engagement between users on the app. Although you can share edited images from VSCO to your social media such as Facebook, Instagram etc. There is a free version, as well as a paid version of the app.

The free version grants you access to their basic standard editing tools along with a about 20 filter presets. The premium and paid version grants access to more advanced tools for editing. Such as, tips and tricks for photography and editing, advanced filters along with 200 photo presets.

VSCO offers 4 sections where it segregates the users’ images.

  • Studio
  • Images
  • Collection
  • Journal


Airbrush - best photo editing app for instagram


Facetune is one of the best photo editing apps for Instagram, with plenty of tools created with the purpose of retouching images and beautifying them. You can remove spots, blemishes, acne, slim down your face, increase the size of your eyes and lips, whiten your teeth and what not. You can alter your nose, chin, lips and other features. For your personal Instagram or if you own a brand that is involved with the beauty industry, this app can be very helpful.

Airbrush was created for the purpose of beauty editing of photographs. A feature called beauty magic can help you fine tune and change the shape of your facial features. One can also remove their dark circles, blackheads, acne marks, blemishes or any other part you’d want to hide.

This application also has an in-built feature to apply makeup on to your face in your photographs. You can wear lipstick, blush, contour your face, and apply eyeliner, and mascara. It is possible to even play around with your tone and hair color. The smooth function can be used to smoothen and soften the skin on your face and body, making it seem spotless and clear.




Focus is a free photo editing application, only available on iOS, that brings high-level photography to your iPhone. It matches the level of a DSLR photo and provides a big aperture and the real bokeh effect on your photographs.

It allows you to edit and modify your images in their raw form, in any format, with powerful editing tools that allow you to focus on an object in the image after capturing the image. This tool works with a lot of precision and focuses, on the subject that needs to be focused upon.

With this app, you can create different lens effects and meet the high quality that a DSLR provides.  With an engine backed by Artificial Intelligence, this app can also help calculate the depth of field in a particular image. A lot of photographs that were taken previously and happen to be too blurry, can be fixed with Focus. You can sharpen your images and increase clarity by using the tools offered by this application.


All in all, these apps are a total godsend to anyone who is looking to edit their photographs, enhance product photography for their business, and anything else in general. These 10 are the most popular and commonly used apps for this purpose. Not only do they have great features but are also very user-friendly. Hence, a win-win!