10 Top Notch Facebook Analytics Tools to Make Strategies

Facebook’s algorithms and policies are continuously evolving in response to advancing technology and the need to provide their users with new features. The ability of brand managers and marketers to understand their target customers on this important social media platform has been hampered by these changes. Are you looking for a solution that would make it simple for you to easily acquire insightful data about your Facebook page, your clients, and your competitors in one location? The data expands together with the amount of daily active Facebook users. It’s difficult to manage and get insights from such a sizable collection. Facebook analytics tools can be used in this situation. With the aid of such technology, a marketer may examine data, establish KPIs, and set specific goals all in one location.¬†

Here are the Top Facebook Analytics Tools:


SocialPilot - Facebook Analytics

One of the best Facebook analytics tools for marketing, SocialPilot enables you to plan, produce, and publish personalised content. Among other things, it can help you increase the online visibility of your company and brand. It not only analyses, but it also aids in the discovery of fantastic material for your Facebook company page. It is an excellent Facebook insights tool because it keeps track of post performances from the system and other significant sources, sites, and accounts.

For rebranding your business on Facebook, it is a low-cost, user-friendly solution with extraordinary and top-notch features. You may target particular audiences, designate locations, mention, or tag other pages, and even customize CTA buttons with SocialPilot. To make sure that your most interesting material receives the greatest exposure, you can also utilize your SocialPilot tool to create, schedule, and track Facebook Ads. You can post on a variety of social networking platforms with the help of this fantastic tool, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

With its top analytics capabilities, SocialPilot may be the ideal choice for your Facebook Business page. It aids in analysis, customization, scheduling, and the discovery of excellent content for your business page. As it examines postings from the system and other important sources, sites, and accounts, it is a potent Facebook insights tool.



One of the well-known and powerful Facebook analytics solutions is Sendible, which comes with a number of built-in functions in addition to analytics, including posting, publishing, and community management. This programme creates detailed information for Facebook and other significant social media platforms.

This programme examines your online behaviour and produces a precise engagement report. By giving you information about your whole audience, content interactions, comments, and mentions across all the platforms you use, it enables you to quickly spot patterns.


Vaizle - Facebook Analytics

One of the greatest and most effective Facebook ads analytics tools is Vaizle, which enables you to get a quick summary of your ad’s success for nothing. It’s a platform for marketers that wish to use information from social media to improve their choices. You can improve your social media performance and boost the success of your company by identifying gaps and opportunities.

Vaizle will also give you regular insights into a variety of variables through infographics, statistics, and daily advice. Vaizle also enables you to check out which brands use popular hashtags, compare them to your hashtag strategy, and assess how well it worked. It is an aggressive Facebook page analytics tool for businesses and startups who require useful social media data.

By locating gaps and possibilities, it enables marketers to enhance the effectiveness of their social media efforts. Get the social media data analysed into useful advice that you can apply on a regular basis to enhance brands’ social media performance. You’ll receive daily insights from Vaizle in the form of graphs, charts, data, and daily advice covering a variety of aspects.



One of the best Facebook analytics tools is Iconosquare, an official Facebook marketing partner. Facebook and Instagram, a sister business of Facebook, both make use of the service. Post-management and scheduling are important Iconosquare features that can help you boost your Facebook presence and profitability in addition to analytics. You can check and keep an eye on your community’s general progress using this Facebook analyzer.

Additionally, it records interactions, profile exposure, and articles to aid in your understanding of your audience’s demographics, including followers, fan languages, and geographic locations. Official Facebook marketing partners include the Facebook page analytics tool Iconosquare. Facebook and Instagram, a subsidiary of Facebook, are two of the biggest social networking platforms.

In addition to analytics, Iconosquare’s other essential capabilities include content management and scheduling to increase your social media presence and return on investment. Use this Facebook analyzer to track community growth overall. By monitoring impressions, profile reach, and postings, you may better understand your audience’s demographics, including followers, fan languages, localities, and more.

Based on metrics such as likes, comments, engagement rate, reach views, and more, sort the top-performing posts and views. Compare the levels of engagement on your page and those of your rivals. You may export analytics data from Iconosquare in a number of file types, including PNG, PDF, SVG, CSV, XLS, and others. The information can also be immediately sent to your mailbox.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social - Facebook Analytics

Brands can develop, plan, manage, and monitor their social media content with the help of Sprout Social, an all-in-one social media management platform. Although almost every social media site can be used with Sprout, we’re talking about Facebook today, and Sprout’s Facebook analytics capabilities are really helpful.

Users may receive a thorough overview of their Facebook Business Pages using Sprout Social’s Facebook analytics features. You can view your total impressions, number of clicks, engagements, audience growth, and more in a flash. Additionally, you can examine audience demographics to ensure that you are focusing on the proper audience.



Agorapulse is a social media platform with several uses. Social media analytics, post scheduling, and report generating are some of its primary features. This Facebook analytics and reporting tool is useful for a variety of activities, including determining the effectiveness of your content, benchmarking your page, and identifying the best-performing content. It provides information about measurements that aim to be better.

You can also offer contests, sweepstakes, and quizzes on your page to engage more visitors. The posts are broken down by Agorapulse into organic, viral, and paid reach. The users who talk about your brand the most and who are influential are highlighted by this Facebook analyser tool. Additionally, AgoraPulse provides users with a single social inbox where they can send messages to their clients along with a personalised note or comment.


Quintly - Facebook Analytics

Another multifunctional tool on our list, Quintly offers comprehensive statistics, performance benchmarking for various social media channels, and competitive benchmarking. This programme not only analyses Facebook but also other social media platforms including Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

With the help of this Facebook insights tool, you can monitor three Facebook pages at once and see how they’re performing in terms of likes, shares, comments, followers, and other metrics. You may monitor the performance of your competitors’ Facebook pages in addition to your own to adjust your Facebook marketing strategy.

By offering information on influencers, sponsored posts, content, and more, it raises your engagement. To determine how many new followers, you have acquired and when, examine the audience demographics. This Facebook analytics tool takes into account more than 250 parameters and generates tailored reports in all commonly used formats. In order to avoid having to check in frequently, you can also select to automate repeating reports.



For those marketers who use Facebook groups as part of their marketing plan, Grytics is a Facebook metrics tool. The tool is primarily used to evaluate and improve the performance of Facebook groups. For many marketers, Facebook groups are a crucial tool, and it’s important for small businesses. Grytics makes managing Facebook groups easier and increases impact for those who frequently use them to market their products or engage with customers.

Grytics determines the most engaging times for group postings by analyzing group posts and comments. It tracks the numerous events taking place on board and the engagements of your group. The management of many groups can be done simultaneously with this Facebook analyzer. For insights and other purposes, you can compare your groups. Additionally, it enables team coordination and tool access distribution for increased effectiveness.



Brand24 is a potent Facebook analyser that can help you boost your brand’s perception. You can keep track of brand mentions on Facebook and other social media sites. Analyze conversations and interact in real time with your followers. It also includes sentiment research to see whether your brand is having a favourable effect. To make decisions, keep track of every response. Find the best influencer for your upcoming campaign by obtaining influencer scores.

To find out how you compare to your rivals, open the comparison tab. Brand24 goes one step further by additionally providing you with sales opportunities. What a cool thing! It goes on from here. Brand24 will also notify you through email if your social media efforts experience any unusual dips. Your reports can be exported to sheets or PDF format so that they can be shared with others.

Rival IQ

Rival IQ

You can keep an eye on everything from a single dashboard with Rival IQ, another of the best Facebook advertisements analytics tools. The process of evaluating and publishing is simplified by this technology. Regardless matter whether you prefer to assess and monitor videos or stories or follow and monitor hundreds of influencers, you can see all of your interaction patterns and results from a single dashboard.

Top social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are all integrated with Rival IQ. It offers a thorough analysis of your Facebook page and its rivals to help you gauge how well your page is performing. You can monitor everything on a single dashboard using Rival IQ, a reporting tool for Facebook. As a result, reporting and analysis are made easier.

You can access anything from one dashboard, whether you want to examine videos or stories, follow hundreds of influencers, or see all your spending patterns and results. For numerous social media juggernauts like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter, social bakeries are accessible. It provides a comprehensive analysis of your page and its rivals to assist you in determining how well your page is performing.


Managing Facebook has never been simple, and simply taking in your audience’s comments and reactions won’t provide you a clear picture of how well your Facebook page is doing. Use a Facebook analytics tool to gain a deeper comprehension and a clearer perspective.

As social media goes to the top of marketing plans, businesses now invest in services that offer control of all significant platforms from a single location. You can monitor and analyze your activities with the help of a decent Facebook analytics tool.