Top 10 Facebook Keywords Tools: Skyrocket Your Engagement

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. There are tons of creators who use the platform for a variety of reasons. Moreover, most creators want their Facebook posts to have good engagement and reach on the platform. Using good Facebook keywords is one of the best ways to achieve this reach.

However, there are many keywords to choose from. So, we have decided to help you find the best Facebook keywords tool. These tools will help you select the best keywords for Facebook posts. Therefore, you should use this article to help you find the best tools. These tools will help you take your Facebook posts to the next level. 

Best Facebook Keywords Tools to Skyrocket Engagement on Facebook:


Semrush - Facebook keywords

Semrush is one of the top Facebook keywords tool. The company has honed its skills in this industry for many years. They have gradually become one of the best-rated companies in the business. Moreover, they ensure all of their customers get the best services in this category. The company does not provide generic results.

They have enhanced their systems to create some of the best results for Facebook Keywords. You can use the company to find the best keywords for Facebook posts. The company also has ad group ideas. These will help you set up the best posts as well as ads for your account. Further, the company has an entire research toolkit available. This helps you to find out more about your keywords.

You can find all the important information you need before using the keywords. However, you have to pay for the software. They do have a free trial. You can check the quality of the software before you start waiting for it. Above all, this Facebook keywords tool has all the necessary features to be one of the best in the industry. The range of features will help you get the most out of your keywords and have the best experience. You can choose from a range of packages that allows you to get the most value for your money. 



Wordstream is a completely free keyword tool that everyone should be using. They have some of the most advanced features. Moreover, all of their services are free. The company simplifies the entire process. You can use their tool to get the best results quite quickly. They have created a system that delivers impressive results for all keywords. You can find the best Facebook keywords using this tool.

They have a popular database in addition to helping you find keywords. This database helps you to find the most popular keywords with ease. You should use them frequently to get the best set of Facebook keywords. These keywords boost your Facebook profile and help your posts. These keywords for Facebook posts help you overcome barriers on the platform. Further, the company also provides free suggestions to you.

These suggestions help you plan your posts and find the ideal target base. However, you will have to provide your email address to get more results. The company provides the first 25 results to you. After which the results are sent to your email address. Most importantly, the company provides all of the services for free. You can get Facebook keywords for free without any paywalls or restrictions. 

SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite - Facebook keywords

SEO PowerSuite is a powerhouse of Facebook keywords tool. The company provides SEO backed keywords. These keywords help you with the SEO aspect of the keywords. These keywords help you to find the best way to utilize your posts. Moreover, you get some of the best Facebook keyword suggestions. The company keeps updating its Facebook keywords tool to give customers great results.

The company provides you with professional reports. These reports help you master Facebook and get the most out of the platform. You should try to infuse these Facebook keywords with your posts. Your posts will generate amazing traction on the platform. Further, the company will also have cloud storage for its clients. They allow you to store around 400 projects in this cloud storage.

This is a great feature in addition to the Facebook keywords tool.  They have free as well as a couple of premium plans. These premium plans give you access to tons of additional features. You should make use of all of them to get the perfect keywords. However, the premium plans are paid. These plans are a great investment into your Facebook marketing strategy. Above all, you should use all of their resources to get the perfect result on Facebook. You will find a plethora of keywords for Facebook posts.



KWFinder does precisely what the name suggests. They help you get access to some of the best Facebook keywords. The company enables you to find some of the most powerful keywords. These Facebook keywords will provide the desired impact on your account. You will find a list that helps you to extract the best from your Facebook account. Moreover, this will help you to get the best reach on Facebook.

Further, the company helps you target Facebook keywords in all languages. You can choose the regions of the world where you want to target users. You can also choose to target people with different languages in addition to using simple keywords. Above all, these keywords for Facebook are great for all types of posts. Use the various features they have to get the best-suited keywords for your account. 

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer - Facebook keywords

Ahrefs have a large database of Facebook keywords. They have one of the most accurate difficulty scales. This helps you to find the best keyword for your cause. The scale is a good reference to help you understand the differences between the keywords. They also help you choose the best alternatives for keywords. Moreover, the Facebook keywords tool has more than 1000 keyword suggestions.

The suggestions help you improve your account overall. Further, the company is also supported in more than 171 countries. Therefore, the company has great universal usage. You can use it for a variety of audiences irrespective of their countries. Most importantly, this keywords tool has extensive features which are available for a meager fee. 

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a free Facebook keywords tool. This is a great tool for beginners. The tool is free and is great for anyone who is starting out. These keywords help you advance your Facebook profile. Moreover, they have advanced filters as well. These filters help you find the perfect keyword for all your Facebook posts.

Further, the company also provides you with account insights. This helps you to figure out the best set of keywords for your Facebook account. Most importantly, this is one of the best free Facebook keywords tools. The filters in addition to account insights make them the perfect option for beginners. 

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro - Facebook keywords

Long Tail Pro has one of the simplest designs. There is a very easy learning curve that anyone can master. The software helps you to access detailed keywords for Facebook. Moreover, the company claims that they help you attract organic traffic. This Facebook keywords tool is great for anyone who wants to improve their conversion rate.

Further, the simple designs make it very easy to work with. However, the company has a paid subscription system. The prices start at $24.75 per month. Above all, you should look to pay for the service as they justify thor price. You will start to see the benefits of these facebook keywords very soon.

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This is one of the cleanest tools. They have all the essentials that you will need to find good keywords. You can use the tool for free in the beginning. However, they start to charge you after a few times. The company has everything you would want from a solid Facebook keywords tool.

Moreover, this is the ideal tool if you do not want to complicate the process. It is a simple tool and it does what is advertised. Further, they also have keyword trends. This helps customers to find the ideal time to hump on certain keywords. Above all, this is one of the most budget-friendly options. They have great plans which you can consider.


Keyworddit - Facebook keywords

Keyworddit is the best tool for content creators. This tool has been made keeping social media in mind. Therefore, you get a highly optimized tool which is great for Facebook. Moreover, the tool is free and available to all users. It helps you get access to tons of keywords for free.

However, it does have its limitations. It does not allow you to enter keywords and check them. You get to choose a subreddit and the tool finds the best keywords for that subreddit. This tool should be on your radar if you are targeting a specific audience base that has a subreddit. Most importantly, they have the search volume as well which helps users to compare different keywords.  


Soolve is another free software that you should look out for. They have great keywords available on them. However, this is an old-style Facebook keywords tool. It searches various search engines and shows you the most popular queries. These queries will help you access the best Facebook keywords and their appropriateness.

Moreover, it helps you come up with new content keywords and ideas as well. Most importantly, this is a neat tool that can be used by everyone. You have to work a little harder when using this tool. Therefore, take your time while dealing with the keywords on this software. 


These Facebook keywords tools are some of the best on the internet. They help you analyze and understand all aspects of a keyword. You can easily use any of these tools to find the best keywords for Facebook. Moreover, you should focus on choosing the tool that meets your needs.

All of these tools are great in their own ways. Therefore, you should choose the ones which have the most useful features for your Facebook account. Above all, most of these tools have free trials. Try to use them to understand the functioning of your tool before using it to generate Facebook keywords.