10 Best Sites to Gain Free YouTube Views on Videos (2023)

YouTube is the biggest video-sharing platform in the world at present. It has been like that for a good while now. YouTube hasn’t really come up against competition that could challenge it for its spot at the top. For years YouTube was just a source of entertainment for people all over the world. A lot has changed in the last decade and today, it is a source of income for many, and being a YouTuber is pretty much an occupation. There are two types of websites that can provide you with free YouTube views.

If you are an aspiring YouTuber, there are some websites that will help you in your journey without costing anything. Buying YouTube views has become a common practice these days. But not many people know that you can get organic views for absolutely free as well.

One that lets you try out their service by offering free views before you decide to pay for larger amounts. You can’t usually buy beyond a couple of thousand views from a website like this at a time. It’s still pretty worth it as there is minimal effort involved. But there is a more productive and effective method of getting YouTube views free of charge. There are websites where you can set up organic growth campaigns to increase the number of views on your videos.

You are asked to do simple tasks and in return, your videos are boosted organically and permanently. The tasks usually involve watching other videos, liking them, etc. These websites are reliable and always effective as the process involves only real human beings who share a common goal.

The Best Websites to Get Free YouTube Views


YTMonster - Free YouTube views

When you are looking for a website to help you with YouTube, you need a name like YTMonster that you can trust completely. The reason behind that is the guidelines and the policies of YouTube. As you might know, the platform sends you flags or warnings whenever they notice you violating any of their rules. They hinder the capabilities of your channel. At first, it’s temporary but repeated instances can get your channel deleted permanently.

This is why people avoid low-quality views generated through bots or software. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about anything like that with YTMonster. And that is because the website only works on a combined effort of real people. YTMonster has been around for nearly a decade now. For 9 years, they have provides a platform for aspiring YouTubers to exchange views, likes, and subscribers with each other.

The company has provides its service for more than 2 million people throughout its existence. In this time, they have fulfilled over 10 million campaigns and seen off a whopping 6 billion exchanges. The way you get free views from here is pretty simple and legitimate. It’s a community of thousands of users who exchange views with each other actually watching each other’s videos.

The views come from legitimate users clicking on a video and thus, do not get you flagged or suspended. Everything on the website is completely free and you only have to complete a few tasks in return. Watching videos gives you credit and with that credit, you can add views to any video on your channel. The only requirement you need to fulfill is having a free registered account on the website.



GoViral allows you to earn as many views as you want for your videos without actually spending a penny on it. To get started here, you first need to create a free account. Then you can get into the real action by adding the video that you want to add views to. You can only get views if you have enough amount of coins though. The good part is, you can earn coins by simply watching YouTube videos.

The website also has a referral program that allows you to earn extra coins easily. For every successful referral, you get a 10% commission added to your wallet. For example, if someone you invited makes 1K coins, you get 10 coins out of it as commission.


ViewTrader - Free YouTube views

ViewTrader is a social platform for users from all over the world to earn free YouTube views. It is one of the websites where you earn credits or coins with which you can “buy” views or likes. ViewTrader only makes it easier and more convenient than the rest. You earn credits by watching videos that you don’t even have to watch. The videos keep playing in a separate tab automatically.

You can keep it running for as long as you want in the background and keep earning credits silently. With that credit, you can gain views on any video with simply a link to it. The views arrive over hours steadily. If you need extra credit, you can also pay for it. Or you can join their affiliate program and earn a portion of the credits that your invites earn.



WeBooster is another legitimate candidate for your choice of organic and free YouTube views. It is more than just a website and instead a whole community of people looking to make it on YouTube.

You first need to install a web browser extension from the website for whatever browser you use. Then you can get credits for watching videos which you will later use for getting views on your videos. WeBooster has thousands of members and you can get a good amount of views on a regular basis.


ViewGrip - Free YouTube views

You don’t have to pay large amounts to get views anymore while also risking the longevity of your channel. With ViewGrip, you can create video-watching campaigns that bring you valuable coins. You won’t need to pay a penny outside of these digital coins to get views from here. So sign up for a free account on the website and get into it.



Views and watch hours are the essentials of making it on YouTube. You need watch hours to get monetized and views to start making money. Thank to View2Be, you don’t have to spend anything to get more views before you start earning. There is a large group of YouTubers on View2Be who help each other grow by increasing views on their videos manually.


Veefly - Free YouTube views

On Veefly, you can get legitimate views for free but with a catch. The website offers promotional campaigns for YouTubers at affordable prices. If you buy one of their campaigns, it makes you eligible to get 1K free YouTube views at a time. Buying a campaign is pretty much worth it as well. It boosts your reach and engagement which brings you more views, likes, and subscribers.

They also have a referral program that adds even more free views to your channel. For every referral that pays for a campaign, you receive 500 YouTube views for free. Veefly can be the perfect solution to the lack of views on your videos. That too safely and legitimately.



Viewsta is among the leading providers of social media promotion in recent times. They mostly sell direct products like views and subscribers for a set price. But they offer free views for all of their new customers. You can get 1K total YouTube views for absolutely free without any effort or investment from here.


YouLikeHits - Free YouTube views

YouLikeHits is another name that you can give consideration to. They might not be the most popular name on the list but it doesn’t make them any less good. Just like credits or coins, you earn points by watching videos or liking posts here. In return, you can get free views for minimal effort and zero investment.



You will be required to download YouberUp’s app to get free views. The app is only available for Android devices which is a big shortcoming. It is still pretty good for what it’s worth. You have to simply watch videos and like tweets to get coins in return. These coins are what you get views in return for. If you want to increase YouTube views free of cost, these websites are your best and safest bet.

While all of them possess equal quality, your final decision can depend on a number of things. Most importantly, you have to decide which way you want to do it. Whether you want to use a website’s free trial or go for an option that lets you run long-term campaigns. A factor like a customer support is very important to look at as well. All of it can help you reach a conclusion.


YouTube is serious business these days and you don’t need us to tell you that. Being a YouTuber is as prestigious as any job today and pays even more in many cases. Hence, there is no surprise so many people aspire to pursue video creation as a career option. It does take a while to build up a solid foundation but it is all worth it in the end.

And there is a lot of help available online that you can and should take to get you there quicker. These websites mentioned here are the ones that you absolutely need to check out. They are easy to use and cost nothing at all. There is a lot to gain and nothing to lose.