How To Get Free Likes On Instagram Instantly in 2023? 

With the increasing popularity of social media, Instagram has become one of the most efficient and creative arenas to begin one’s career. Whether you are an entrepreneur wanting to start a business, or a content creator with a dream to become an influencer, Instagram can be the best spot to commence your mission. But if you lack the right approach, scaling up your online presence can take a long time. If you are a newcomer, you must be concerned about how to get free likes on Instagram. We’re here with the answer.

To encourage healthy competition, Instagram has removed the visibility of likes from the posts shared. This means, though you can see how many likes you get on the posts that you share, you would not be able to see the number of likes on other’s posts. However, the importance of “Instagram Likes” remains the same. The algorithm of Instagram picks up the number of likes on a post and ensures its appearance on people’s feeds.

However, it’s not easy to get likes on your posts especially when you are a newcomer on Instagram. To make things easier for you and to give your account a well-deserved boost, we have brought to you 15+ actionable tips on how to get free likes on Instagram. But before we begin, let’s see how crucial is Buying Instagram likes are for your growth on Instagram.

Why Are Likes on Instagram So Important?

“Likes” are the keys that can open the gateway to popularity on social media platforms. More signs on content are the sign that you have a strong base of followers on Instagram. This increases the chance for your account to get noticed by other people. Higher exposure means you would experience a greater boost in your brand awareness.

If you are an aspiring influencer wanting to share your thoughts and ideas with the world, a substantial number of likes will help you stay ahead of your competitors. A higher number of likes will ensure your posts appear in people’s feeds. This, in turn, will drive traffic to your account and help you gain engagement on Instagram.

If you are an entrepreneur, more likes on your content will help you promote your brand and enhance your online presence. There are several websites available that claim to supply likes and views for budding Instagram influencers in return for a nominal charge. But what if you can get them for free? In this article, we would be talking about 15+ ways you can get free Instagram likes for your content. What more? We will also tell you about the sites that offer Instagram likes at no cost.

17 Tips On How To Get Free Likes on Instagram:

1. Know Your Audience & Refine Your Approach

Know the right Audience

Before you begin your journey it is important to know who your target audience is. We suggest you do a little market research to know what your audiences like, what age group they fall into, and how they will relate to the content you have in mind. This will help you to know how to strategize your approach towards your potential followers.

2. Share and Post Compelling Photos and Videos

The posts you share are no less than an art piece. They play a major role in letting people know what your ideas are and how you are trying to implement them. Thus, the photos and videos need to be of the highest quality. You can use various editing tools to make them aesthetically pleasing. Add clear, readable captions to your posts, or you can add stickers too to make them attractive. The more eye-catching your posts are, the more chances you will have to get free Instagram likes.

3. Aesthetics is Important Too

The aesthetics of your posts dictate the quality of your brand. Experts suggest that before you begin posting, try and test what style and filter suit your taste the best. Once you select a specific style, font, and filter, try not to deviate from them when sharing posts in the future. Followers seem to connect to the style and font of a particular brand and swaying from them can raise a question of credibility.

4. Keep the Trend Alive

Keep your calendar marked with all the big dates and major events that align with your niche. Be a part of something popular to make your content seem relevant and up-to-date. Trends keep changing too. So, you need to be creative enough to come up with something interesting that will keep your followers engaged. Check out what your competitors are doing. You will be able to plan ahead once you get an idea about their approach.

5. Consistency is the Key

When you want people to relate to you, you need to provide them with material that will keep them engaged with you. Your posts need to be frequent enough to keep your followers interested. But that does not mean you spam their feeds with multiple meaningless posts a day. That will do nothing but only annoy them.

You can use social media management tools to schedule your posts. It will not only help you to save time but also assist you to assemble and post your content at an ideal time. You can utilize the saved time to do other activities to empower your venture on Instagram.

6. Share BTS Posts

People value what’s real and genuine. They want to see what goes on before you showcase the best version of yourself in their Instagram feed. Your Behind-the-screen scenes are the best way to bare yourself to them. It will help your followers connect to your brand and see you as one of them. Show them how you get ready, how messy things can be, and how you and your team work to bring the best to your beloved followers. It is one of the most organic ways to win more likes on your post.

7. Collaborate with Influencers

Collaborate with the Influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways when you are concerned about how to get free likes on Instagram. Partnering with an established influencer would help you to have access to their wide fan base straight away. You need to identify the influencers who work around your niche and propose to collaborate with them.

Stats suggest that Instagram users have high confidence in influencers. You can even organize a “Takeover” for your account. “Takeover” means once in a while, for a short period, your account will be taken over by a renowned influencer who would share posts or host interactive sessions on your behalf. This is an excellent way to gain engagement on Instagram by bringing in a fresh set of audience to check out your account.

8. Add Geo-tags

Geotagging is a tool to let people know where your brand is located originally. Though marketing has become digitized, people still like to know the physical location of a company. Adding geotags will help people to find you and you will also be able to build a substantial local customer base. If you are a wannabe influencer, geotagging your posts will let your followers know how close you are to them. With more people relating to you, your like count is bound to increase.

9. Hashtags Can Do Wonders


Adding Hashtags is an interactive way to connect to a broader audience. The right hashtags on your posts will help people recognize you and also narrow down your audience. In the end, it will enable you to interact with those who are truly interested in your work and can relate with you.

But adding too many generic hashtags under your post will just mess up the process that the Instagram algorithm uses to rank your post. You can create customized hashtags for your brand. Or, you can use popular hashtags that relate to your niche. Make sure the hashtags are catchy and intriguing enough to make people interested to use them. This will drive greater traffic towards your content and in the end, help you get more likes.

10. Organize “Like-to-Win” Contests

Like-to-win contests are probably the best answer to your question of “how to get free likes on Instagram”. Organize a contest and ask your followers to like a specific post to win something exciting. Even more helpful is if you ask them to tag their friends too on the post. The trick is to make sure that you give away something that attracts potential followers. If you are a beauty influencer, you can keep make-up products as the prize. Or if you are a food blogger, you can give away gift cards to fine dining.

11. Share User-generated Posts

Sharing user-generated posts make your brand seem more authentic and real. Thus, it helps to drive more traffic towards your account. You can ask your followers to share their pictures or videos by tagging you. Stats say 70% of people trust what others have to say about a particular person or service. User-generated content can add to your account’s credibility and thus help you to get Instagram likes for free. It will also make your followers feel more cherished and respected, which is crucial to build a fanbase for your brand.

12. Try Cross-Channel Promotion

If there are multiple social media platforms available, why should you use only one channel to strengthen your online presence? When it comes to the question of how to get free likes on Instagram, cross-channel promotion is one of the best answers. You can open accounts on your brand’s name on all major social media sites to maximize your reach.

Add CTAs to ensure your audience checks out your Instagram account. This will drive higher traffic towards your brand and help you get more Instagram likes for free. Just make sure you do not post identical content on all platforms which will cause your audience to lose interest.

13. Know the Right Time to Post Your Content

Best Time to Post - get free likes on instagram

If you post your content at a time when no one is looking, your photos and videos will get lost amidst the thousands of other posts. Thus, you would get a few likes on your content. But that would not be enough for your brand to get noticed by people.

The Instagram analytics tool will help you to know at what time of the day your audiences are most active. The tool does the math for you and lets you know when and how to get free likes on Instagram by targeting the perfect time. Scheduling your content according to the analytics is one of the best ways to gain engagement on Facebook.

14. Like Posts Shared By Other Users

Who doesn’t love when their posts on Instagram get likes? When we get a like on our post from someone we do not personally know, it’s our natural tendency to check out their account.

And if we find something in their wall that matches our interest, we like them too. So why not put that to use? We found if you direct your attention towards posts shared by others and like them, there can be a significant rise in the likes count on your posts too.

This theory is beneficial to crack the Instagram algorithm too. The algorithm tends to prioritize a post when it infers that the accounts are “close” and mutually interactive. Thus, interacting with other Instagram users by liking and commenting on their posts is a great way to expand your reach.

15. Shout Out to Other Influential Accounts and Brands

If you have an Influencer whom you adore or a Brand that you support, you can tag them to their post. According to Instagram terminology, this action is known as ” Shout Out”, which means you are letting people know how important they are to you. This will enable you to share that value with your followers. Furthermore, tagging them on your post will feature your content on their page too. As a result, your posts will be noticed by a higher number of Instagram users and in turn, your posts will get more likes too.

16. Try Out the Trial Packages by Social Media Service Providers

Various social media service providers claim to supply free likes absolutely for free. You can opt for such free trial packages to gain likes on your Instagram posts. Few sites also allow the exchange of likes in a completely safe and legal way. They offer a portal where you can offer your likes to a person who needs them just as you need them to get more visibility. Once you have collected enough likes, you would be able to disperse those likes in the posts that you want. Such services are discreet and need no extra payment.

17. Partner with Other Brands

Mutual support can be the best way to boost each other up to gain popularity. Collaborating, or mutual endorsement of brands can be a great way of merging your followers and gaining a larger follower count. You can partner with such emerging brands who work around your niche and complement each other by sharing your followers. This is a safe yet innovative way to gain engagement on Instagram.

Final Words

Instagram growth depends on strategic networking to promote your content so that it gets noticed by a wider audience. Likes on Instagram are the cues to gain popularity. But wannabe influencers are often tormented by the question of how to get more likes on Instagram free of cost.

We hope our article has given you the answer to that. With these 17 tips recommended by experts, you can create a strong identity on Instagram and ensure an organic way to make your brand grow.

If things are taking a long time, and you want to cope with the competitive environment of social media, you can take help from the four top-rated social media service providing sites too. They deliver packages that are curated to match your needs. With them, you would be able to kickstart your career and proceed in your endeavor to make a mark in the industry.