10 Best Instagram Growth Services & Platforms of 2023

It is a known fact that Instagram has become essential for the entire world today. Not only is it a platform for influencers and businesses to promote their content, their product, and their services. But it is also a place that also allows you to connect with the world, its affairs, and its general proceedings. At the same time, many people are looking to get recognized in this competitive platform. In this article, You will see some of the best Instagram growth services.

The app has more than 1 billion monthly active users all across the globe. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that gaining visibility and being recognized on the platform is no longer as easy as it once used to be. You always need some external assistance for marketing, and targeted advertisement within Instagram if you are looking for proper recognition. Therefore, there has also been a rise in Instagram growth services in the past few years.

There are so many of these services today that it becomes difficult to pick one that could serve your specific needs. Below we have listed out the best Instagram growth services that can help you reach out to the people who are genuinely interested in your content. We have reviewed their services, and if you would like to know more then make sure that you read the article below- 

Best Instagram Growth Services & Platforms



Viralyft is a site that helps you increase your Instagram engagement with the help of the most powerful as well as safest follower bots. The Instagram bot is software that is powered by artificial intelligence. It mimics the activities and behavior of users on Instagram. This means that you get automatic services such as mass follow, comment, likes, and so on.

Viralyft goes a step ahead and even provides you services like stories views, direct messages, and unfollow options. The simple tasks of liking or following accounts daily is a challenge without an external service but Viralyft makes it easier for you to perform these activities. 

Various individuals and businesses have made use of Viralyft to increase their level of interaction and presence on Instagram. Even with the help of organic growth, a business only sees limited growth which is not rational in the terms of the right business strategy. 

Viralyft claims that its bot service is extremely safe to use since it automatically reduces its speed to ensure that the account is safe and does not hit the limits of Instagram. They offer multiple speed settings for advanced users as well. Viralyft also ensures that you receive assistance and technical help whenever you need it.

Therefore, you can easily get in touch with them with the help of online chat features. They have an extremely supportive customer service system and a friendly team that will respond to you within 24 hours. Their plan starts at 11.99 dollars a month.



SocialRush is one of the most reliable and best Instagram growth services in the world today. It has been able to outperform most of its competitors because of its reasonable prices and range of services. This is a service that uses virtual science in marketing, giving it the stealth that most other sites do not have.

They also make use of artificial intelligence and automated services to copy human behavior so precisely that the Instagram algorithm is almost never alerted. Not only this, they will also make use of organic methods to give you real Instagram likes and followers who will genuinely interact with your account. 

With the help of SocialRush, you will be able to target the best audience for your niche. They will also be able to generate hashtags in order to target and leverage existing audiences that your competitors or similar influences might have. They make use of various filters such as location, gender, interests to target different people and bring them to your account.

SocialRush is one of the most efficient Instagram automation services that are available today. They have been recommended by various people online, and their credibility has only increased due to the great results that they have produced for their clients. 

They also come with some of the most affordable prices in this industry. Their prices are based on the time period that you want to work with them. However, all these prices can change as per the requirements of the company. We recommend that you go to the original website to check the current status of prices.



GetViral will be able to give you your own Instagram management tools. At 29.95 dollars per week, you will be able to avail of various tools that can help you optimize your Instagram account. The company will allow you to engage with users on the basis of how you want to target them.

They have various tools which help in the analysis of the audience and also help target them on the basis of different demographics. The best part about GetViral is that you can simply focus on creating great content for your profile while you let them manage your followers as well as your interaction on Instagram.  

GetViral claims that there will be no limit to the amount of growth you can see with their help on Instagram. One reason why we consider GetViral one of the best Instagram growth services is because they work 24/7. Their personal plan starts at 29.95 dollars and gives you real fans and followers.

Under this plan, you can manage one account for a term of one week and get up to 60% interaction rates. They also have a professional plan for 49.95 dollars. Here you can get additional support like priority management, increased interaction, fast engagement, etc. 

 However, this plan also lasts for a one-week time. Then there is the business plan for 79.95 dollars. Naturally, this plan will give you many more features than the ones mentioned before. GetViral will also give phone support to people who avail of the business package. They will also direct message new followers for you, as well as post comments from your side.



Kicksta is a platform that can help you get real Instagram followers through its various growth tools. They claim that there are no spam or fake followers provided by the site. At the same time, they filter out any bots that could be lowering your performance on Instagram.

Their methodology of growth depends purely on organic growth strategies that are powered by the most modern artificial intelligence technology. The site has gained a lot of recognition today as one of the best Instagram growth services. 

The first thing that they do is help you connect with profiles that are similar to yours. This means they could list your competitors, complementary brands, as well as influencers within your niche. Other than this, they also help you to auto-engage with their followers.

Because you engage with similar audiences, there will be many who will be able to follow you back. Their followers are most likely to like your page as well as your content. As long as you keep adding relevant profiles, you will gain maximum exposure on the platform.  

They will help you connect with actual growth marketers of the world, which includes thousands of digital marketing agencies as well as influencers. Various known influencers today have made use of their services to gain recognition in their particular niche of work. They have simple pricing that depends on individual users and it’s paid on a monthly basis. First comes the standard package that starts at $49.

The next plan is the premium plan, that starts at $99. Here the growth speed would be maximum, with video onboarding, up to 40 targets, and other features such as VIP email support, live chat support, advanced targeting, as well as blacklisting.


Combin - instagram growth tool

Combin offers you Instagram planning and marketing solutions. They have particular Instagram growth strategies that can help you target the right audience and engage with them. One particular feature known as Combin growth is a tool that is loaded with powerful features for audience analysis, or audience targeting, management, as well as engagement. You will be able to attract new followers in order to build a loyal community for the account that you have created.  

There are various metrics that are included as well, such as growth and performance statistics and advanced Instagram search. They also include features like targeting on the basis of specific demographics like gender, language, and audience size.

Some of the unique features include machine learning user analysis as well. Other features include audience management, and export, repetitive actions automation, and multiple Instagram accounts management. The company will easily help you detect the people who are not following you back and decreasing your performance on Instagram.

You can easily select all the profiles that are no longer interested in yours, and Combin will take the task of unfollowing them strategically. The application will take care of all your negative followers. you can also check the quality of your Instagram audience in order to stop interaction with inefficient as well as low-quality Instagram accounts.

The personal plan is at $15 per month, the business plan is at $30 per month and gives you a large number of features such as search results refresh ability, stories mass views, etc. The site stands out as one of the best Instagram growth services today because of such facilities which are rarely provided by any other site.


As the name suggests, Ampfluence can help you amplify your Instagram influence in a very short amount of time. Till date they have worked with thousands of influencers and over 1500 brands. They ensure that there will be no bots or shortcuts to your Instagram growth since they only engage with 100% human-powered services. It is needless to say that such high credibility has made them one of the best Instagram growth services in the market today. 

The first step of their Instagram marketing strategy is consultation. They believe that you cannot increase your Instagram presence unless you target the right audience and engage with them on a daily basis. Therefore, they always take time to understand your content as well as your audience. Next, they will work alongside your account to engage with the right target audience.

With the help of consistent social interactions, they will be able to connect with the right people online and grow their followers organically. Through all these services they guarantee 100% result and even have a money-back policy. 

While almost every other site in the market is making use of bots, automation software, or scripts to grow Instagram accounts, they always make sure that this steer clear of such fake and fraudulent means of growth. This is an agency that believes in growing your Instagram the right way.

That starter pack is for $299 a month and gives 400 DMS, 400 comments, a list of 100 new influencers, and other features. The plus plan is for $399 a month and it gives five 500 DMS, 100 comments, and other features.  


Hashtags for likes will help you find the best hashtags out there that perfectly fit into the niche within which you are working on Instagram. They have an extremely advanced search engine with the help of which they are able to target the right keywords and find the most trending topics with an Instagram. This is a company that can actually help you get tangible information often niche in which you are working. They have a great hashtag analytics and data inventory which is updated regularly. Therefore, at all times you will be looking at the most relevant material and not outdated one. 

Hashtags for likes provides you a free trial where you can access limited hashtags from their dashboard. It is absolutely free to sign up, but the features you get are limited. However, you will be required to give your credit card details for the same. They also have a weekly plan which gives you access to their premium weekly hashtags that are trending along with smart automation. This plan is for 4.99 dollars a week. Clearly it is on the cheap side and is highly affordable. Hashtags for likes is considered to be one of the best Instagram growth services because of the range of features that they offer at highly cost-efficient prices, also making it extremely accessible. 

Then there is the monthly plan which starts at 14.99 dollars. Here you will be able to get all of their features along with unlimited searches for hashtags. Given the price and the number of features, we think this would be a great deal for any individual or business.  


Social Sensei is one of the leading Instagram growth services, as well as Instagram influencer marketing agencies. They help you to leverage the power of micro-influencers and celebrities in order to get thousands of followers on a monthly basis. They ensure the growth of their clients through the safest and most effective strategies that are absolutely organic in nature. Till date, they have worked with thousands of influencers and known icons of Instagram, giving them high prestige in the industry. These qualities make them one of the best Instagram growth services today. 

With the help of Social Sensei, you will be able to gain credibility, authority, as well as brand exposure on Instagram. By gaining a number of Instagram followers on a monthly basis you will create an esteemed position for yourself, and build credibility as an Instagram influencer, or Instagram business.

Altogether, they can greatly help you increasing sales as well as conversions. This company is considered to be one of the best Instagram growth services because they offer rare features likes Free Consultation for Instagram, Influencer marketing, Instagram engagement, as well as SEO Optimization.

they have also partnered with social superstars as well as TikTok bots to help their clients increase engagement and drive more sales on Instagram as well as TikTok. Under SEO optimization, they will look for relevant keywords that have strong search volume specific to your website to ensure that you get on-site optimization as well as backlinks. 

Their influencer marketing prices range from $299 a month and go up to $999 a month. Depending on the plan you can gain between 3000 to 20,000 followers. Social superstar’s Instagram engagement prices range between $99 a month and $349 a month. 


Trend hero allows you to access their various tools that can help you search and discover various Instagram influencers and creators to create a network of promotion for your account. They have more than 80 million accounts within their database which means that their high networking can easily spread the word about your account.

Next, they have over 90 metrics for account analytics as well as methods that can check out fake followers or bots on Instagram. That auditing services, as well as advertising features, makes them one of the best Instagram growth services in the current market. 

Trend hero will help you find influences as well as Instagram creators that will give you a channel to reach your target audience. You will also be able to find which influencers shall yield results and which ones will not bring out any sales or subscribers. As a matter of fact, you will be able to save your money without wasting your budget on inflated accounts that have fake followers.  

Their account analytics features include things like audience analytics, checking comments, content analytics, as well as analysis of mentions. They can also analyze your audience be on the basis of gender, city, as well as country. Trend hero is a great site that can leverage the accounts of various digital agencies, SMM marketers, business owners, as well as influencers.  

They have a free plan, followed by a light plan that starts at 9.99 dollars a month. Next that is the pro plan which starts at 29.99 dollars a month, and the final plan is the advanced package which starts at 99.99 dollars a month. These packages come with different features like influencer discovery, 50 reports per month, tracking of accounts, listings, ad efficiencies, etc.  


Social captain claims that they can instantly grow your Instagram account. With the help of this service, you will be able to get real followers, views, likes, as well as comments. Till date they have worked with various brands- from small to large size companies across various industries and niches. 

They have also worked with known influencers who are looking to grow their exposure as well as get various brand deals. even if your services as related to things like E-commerce, this company will be able to help you boost your sales through organic Instagram marketing automation. For E-commerce companies, you can get 250 followers at 2.49 dollars, 500 followers for about $4, and 1000 followers for about $8. We do not need to highlight how cost-efficient these packages are. The fact is that social captain wants to work with people all across the globe; hence, they have kept their prices as accessible as possible. 

You can also get 2500 real Instagram followers for about $14.00, and 5000 real Instagram followers for 19.49 dollars. As for Instagram likes, you can get 1000 Instagram likes for 4.45 dollars, and 2000 Instagram likes for 8.49 dollars. You can also get 10,000 Instagram likes for 22.49 dollars, and 30,000 Instagram likes for 44.49 dollars. 


Finding the best Instagram growth services has never been easier than right now. Just go through the article above, and we are sure that you will come across a great service that will comply with all your marketing needs. Stay tuned for more!