10 Top-Notch Instagram Hashtag Generator Tools in 2023

Finding the best hashtags for your posts is very important. Optimal usage of hashtags can be quite helpful in boosting the reach of any post. Of course, you can use Instagram to search for hashtags and do the analysis manually. But today, if you want to stay at the top of your game you have to be fast. Daily uploads are required. Using an Instagram hashtag generator can speed up the process quite a lot and save a lot of time in the generation and analysis of hashtags. So, today let’s take a look at some of the hashtag generators for Instagram.

Best Instagram Hashtag Generator Tools in 2023:


RiteTag - Instagram Hashtag Generator

RiteTag is one of the obvious entries on this list. Most users find this tool quite quickly while looking for tools to generate hashtags. It is a popular tool for finding and searching for hashtags. RiteTag could be your entry point if you are looking for an Instagram hashtag generator.

We all know how important it is to hashtag Instagram posts. Using RiteTag can be the difference between optimizing a post for growth and gaining suboptimal results. But RiteTag is not limited to Instagram only. You can use it for other major social media platforms as well. The tool is quite popular because of its features that allow users to sort and group hashtags.

RiteTag can offer instant hashtag suggestions as well which can be quite useful for quick posts. The tool comes as a part of the RiteKit toolbox that has all the tools necessary for taking control of your social media marketing and promotion. Another good thing about RiteTag is that it can easily work with other social network tools like Buffer, SproutSocial, etc. The price starts at $54 per year. This package offers up to 1000 hashtag suggestions.



To search for Instagram hashtags in bulk you can use TagsFinder. This is a handy tool that can help you find some of the top hashtag suggestions for your posts. In just a single query the tool can help you search up to 10 hashtags. It provides up to 30 top hashtag suggestions.

To find the perfect hashtags for your posts you have to use keywords. The tool allows the users to enter up to five keywords which describe the post. Based on the keywords the tool will suggest the perfect hashtags. A nice feature is that if you don’t like any of the suggestions you can just remove it from the list and the tool will provide a replacement instantly. Adding post-optimized hashtags can help a lot.

But if you want to get better results you can narrow down the hashtags you are looking for by using location and niche-specific hashtags. Certain terms can be excluded to filter hashtags you don’t want to use. This is a free tool. So, if you are starting and need something to help with Instagram promotion, check it out.

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AllHashtag - Instagram Hashtag Generator

The next tool can help you find the hashtags you need to get your posts more visibility. AllHashtag is all about hashtags. You can generate them, search them, analyze them and much more. The tool was made available some 7 years ago. Back then, it only had one feature.

You can generate hashtags. Well, that should have been enough for this list as you are most probably looking for a hashtag generator Instagram users can utilize. But the creators have added more and more features to the tool and now one can search for the top hashtags, and create and analyze them as well. This makes it much more effective in the sense that you can find better hashtags for your posts.

When you visit the site you will find the four tools providing the previously mentioned functions. You can generate up to 30 hashtags using the hashtag generator tool. The site offers filter options for the hashtags results. You can filter the tags by either selecting the top, random or live filter and then copying the hashtags that you like. The tool expects the user to input keywords that they want the hashtags for.



Later is one of the better tools out there that can help users with social media management and promotion. It lies heavily on the management side though it does have a few features that can help optimize your posts. One such feature is the hashtag generator tool. If you are looking to hashtag Instagram posts with good hashtags you can use Later to your advantage.

It will help figure out which hashtags can go with your post. It finds the best hashtags by looking at the content of your post. Once it has the hashtags it will help highlight the ones with the max engagement which will give you good reach. Later is a popular brand in this niche so it doesn’t do shoddy jobs.

Its tools are well-tested and give good results. When you use the hashtag generator it offers you will feel the difference. It is a robust and powerful tool that can help you find the perfect tags to take your post to the next level. It offers hashtag suggestions, hashtag analytics and organizes hashtags into groups with saved captions.

Keyword Tool 

Keyword Tool - Instagram Hashtag Generator

Sometimes simple tools can be perfect if you are starting. Things can be complicated at the beginning that’s why tools like Keyword Tool can be useful as they can make the process easy. As you can surmise from the name, you get hashtag suggestions based on the keywords you input.

The tool uses autocomplete features of Twitter or Instagram to give you suggestions for hashtags based on the keywords you provided. If you are looking for an Instagram hashtag generator that can let you do the basic stuff for free you can choose this tool. The free version will provide a list of suggested hashtags for the keywords.

The tool also offers insights into profiles that are using hashtags. You can look at the usernames and profiles of these users. The tool is compatible with both Instagram and Twitter. You get real-time reports and you can refine the search using location and language filters. There is a paid version that offers more features.

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If you want unique hashtags to tag your post and boost your reach then you can use this next tool called SISTRIX. This tool has a robust database of hashtags that can provide users with some of the best suggestions for their posts. It also offers analytics which adds another layer of optimization to help users pick the best hashtags.

But the SISTRIX is not just one tool. It is a bundle of multiple tools that can be helpful for social media management and promotion. The tool allows subscriptions of up to 6 users. Each user will have 25 queries per day. One of the reasons that SISTRIX hashtag generator is good is because it has the real-time data of billions of hashtags.

The data is, of course, updated regularly. That’s why the top results today might not be the same tomorrow. The tool provides white-labeled reports as well. If you want to access the data of the tool via APIs you can do that without any cost.


Hashtagify - Instagram Hashtag Generator

Hashtagify is not a new name in the game. It has been a popular hashtag generator tool for quite some time. Many users and marketers use Hashtagify to generate hashtags for Instagram and Twitter. If you are looking for trending hashtags you will find them using this tool. Besides providing hashtags for your posts it also helps you analyze them.

You get real-time data insights to understand the power of the hashtags suggested. You can find related hashtags as well. A user needs to enter a phrase or a keyword and the tool will suggest relevant hashtags. You can then choose them based on analysis and use them in your post.

You also get a list of influencers for each hashtag you want to track. This info can be helpful for influencer marketing. The tool is quite easy to use. It is good for researching hashtags and finding relevant and relative tags. The price starts at $19 per month. You can use it both for Instagram and Twitter.



Finding the right hashtag can be a challenging task. You can only sometimes find the best hashtags using keywords. Sometimes context might be important as well. That’s what the next tool on our list is set to do. BigBangram is a hashtag generator for Instagram that uses artificial intelligence to find hashtags.

Using powerful algorithms the tool can find hashtags that fit perfectly to your Instagram posts as they are contextual to the post. But you don’t have to worry about following complicated steps to find these hashtags. The tool will do everything for you. All you have to do is provide it with up to 5 keywords that best describe your post or just provide the image that you are interested in uploading.

The tool will do its thing and find you the best hashtags to add to your post caption. If you go for the paid version, you can analyze hashtags as well. This can help you pick the top hashtags. The tool will automatically skip illegal hashtags and show trending hashtags as well.


Flick - Instagram Hashtag Generator

If you are looking for a good Instagram hashtag generator then one of the tools you can check out is Flick. It is a good tool for generating hashtags as it can help you find good hashtags for your Instagram posts. It has many features that can help use hashtags effectively on Instagram. One of the reasons many use this tool is because it makes finding and managing hashtags easy.

In addition to that, the tool can help you figure out which hashtags to choose based on the discoverability they offer. This feature can come in handy. Whenever you use the tool to look for hashtags it displays the data in a comprehensive form in a table. The table has all the data you will need like key metrics and insights, to choose the right hashtags.

The tool is handy for post-hashtag usage as well. It can track the performance of the hashtags you use for each post on your feed. There are free training tools and courses offered for getting the most out of it. The basic plan starts at $9.60 per month.



If you are looking for a practical tool that is also fun to use then look no further than DailyPurpose. It is a tool that one can use as a hashtag generator for Instagram. It provides users with a search bar where the inputs go. You have to provide keywords for the tool to start finding relevant hashtags. Once you give it the keyword it will populate the below list with hashtags that are relevant to the keyword.

The design of DailyPurpose is very basic. It is quite simple to understand and use. That’s what makes it a good tool. It’s not what’s there but what’s not there that makes this tool unique. There are no fancy graphics or animations. It is built for a purpose and the UI serves it. The results offered by the tool are good. It offers users a couple of options to get the type of results they want.

You can, for example, choose manual or auto tag selection. Depending on the option you choose you can either directly get the results selected by the tool or choose them manually by selecting a bunch of checkboxes. DailyPurpose also offers stats for free. You can get some idea about the hashtags from this tool like the countries where it is most used.


So, these were some of the best tools you can use for generating hashtags. Hashtags are very important for your posts. They give them visibility and increase reach. However, spam-like behavior is not rewarded. So, try to use hashtags optimally. 4 to 6 hashtags should be good enough for a post. The idea is to focus on quality rather than quantity. We hope you found some useful tools from this list. Wish you all the best!