How to Share Post on Instagram Story in 2023

Instagram is a social media platform that has a plethora of content in every niche and if you find a post interesting, you may feel the need to share it on your Instagram story. The new update by the social media platform makes the whole process of sharing posts on Instagram stories complicated.

There are a lot of new updates that are coming this year and Instagram has introduced the reshare sticker on the platform that will allow you to share posts on Instagram story.

Why are Instagram stories so popular on the social media platform?

Instagram stories are one of the features on Instagram that has the power to capture the user’s attention right away which is why these stories have their own narratives that unfold in real time and gain an increasing lot of attention during their one day period (twenty four hours).  

If you are a new brand that is trying to build your audience, you need to share posts on Instagram because there are chances that your posts would not show up on the feeds of your target audience because of the algorithm of the social media platform. When you share post on Instagram story, there are higher chances of your audience viewing your post on your story than on their feed. 

So, how to share post on Instagram story? 

There are a number of ways you can share post on Instagram story. If by chance there you are unable to share the post on your Instagram story, there is a probability that either the Instagram account of the post is private or they have disabled the option to share. 

The whole concept behind the reshare sticker found on your story is to encourage individuals to be not only creative but also reduce the chances of spam on the story and feed of the user as well.

Research has found that users prefer seeing content that is different from the Instagram feeds on Instagram stories, which is why in order to improve the Instagram story experience. 

In order to share an Instagram account’s feed post to your Instagram story, you need to make sure that you click on the paper airplane button that is always found under the Instagram post, exactly how you would send it as a message on Instagram.

If you go to profile page on Instagram, you will notice on the upper right hand side of the page that there is a ‘plus’ sign. When tapping that, you will find yourself with the options to post a feed post, story and so on. You can even customize the background of your story and rotate, move and change the size of the post.

Every single post that is shared on Instagram stories will display the Instagram account’s username and the viewer can tap on the post to check it out and have look at the individual’s account as well. Instagram only allows sharing posts from public accounts and if you do not want other accounts to share your posts on their stories, you can easily disable that option in the settings of the post.

What are the different ways to share post on Instagram story? 

  • How to share Instagram posts to stories using the reshare sticker.

This method of sharing posts on Instagram stories involves using the reshare sticker. When you click on the sticker, you will be able to view the posts you have seen over the past hour and there will also be other categories that will show saved posts and your Instagram feed. 

How to share a post on Instagram? 

Post Instagram stories

You will be needed to open the camera tab on the social media platform by swiping right on the feed page of Instagram. There you will see an option to ‘create’ and once the text editor appears in front of you, click on the sticker icon that is seen right on top of the screen.

When it comes to how to share post on Instagram story, these are the steps to follow. There will be a list of stickers that will be available, and you will find the reshare sticker which is what you need to click on. You will be shown the posts you have viewed in the past hour and you can not only change the background of your Instagram story but also share it with your close friends as a story.

  • Sharing posts and reels on Instagram story, the original way. 

When it comes to how to share post on Instagram story, one of the best and the original way to share post on Instagram story was to click on the paper plane icon that was right next to the comment icon. Once clicked, it gave you an option to either send the post as a message or add it to your Instagram story if the account on Instagram is public.

What if you can’t share another user’s story? 

One of the main reasons why you cannot share another user’s story is because either you are not tagged in it or they have disabled the option of sharing. You can always screenshot or screen record the story and upload it to yours. 

In short, the social media platform only allows you to share an Instagram story if you are tagged in it by the owner of the Instagram account and once they do, you will receive a message saying the Instagram user has mentioned you in their story which will allow you to access the option of adding their story to as your Instagram story.

But if you cannot still share post on Instagram story, then there are chances that either your app is not updated or there is something wrong with your app. With the time period for Instagram stories is twenty four hours, once they expire, you will not be able to view another user’s story. 

If your Instagram story violates the community guidelines for the social media platform, the app will not allow you to even share the story and you will have to reach out to the user support Instagram has in order to resolve the issue.

What if you cannot share post on Instagram story? 

One of the reasons behind why you cannot share post on Instagram story could be because the post would not be public. You could have been following a private account and Instagram does not allow sharing posts from private accounts on your story. You can always screenshot the post and upload it as your story. 

The option is not available on your Instagram account. This could be because you have not updated your Instagram app or it could be a temporary glitch when it comes to how to share post on Instagram story.

How to share a post on Instagram?

There are multiple ways to a share post on Instagram. Under the post, there will be a paper airplane icon and clicking on it will allow you to share the post either as your story or as a message to your friends. 

You can also click on the three dots that are seen on the upper right hand side of the post and you will have an option to copy the link of the post or share the post. Choosing to copy the link of the Instagram post will allow you send it to many people – in and out of the social media platform. 


These were the few ways on how to share post on Instagram story in 2023, and this detailed guide will help you to navigate through your difficulties that you have been facing until reading this article. This will also help you to amp up your Instagram game, help in interacting with your followers and increasing your engagement rate.