10 Most-Rated Twitter Automation Tools to Use (2023)

Twitter is one of the best social media platforms if you want to reach your target audience and promote your brand. If you want to get more reach and growth on Twitter or any other social media platforms you have to be regular. That means posting regularly and ensuring that you are posting on special occasions as well. So, you have to plan your content with time accordingly. But it might get a bit tedious to maintain a schedule and post daily. Using a Twitter automation tool can help you automate the publishing of posts. You can easily schedule posts months in advance. Not only that, some tools allow automating messages as well.

We have curated a list of some of the best Twitter automation tools in 2023:


SocialBee - Twitter Automation

If you are looking for a nice Twitter automation tool then one of the tools to check out is SocialBee. It is a tool that has a bunch of features that can help not only with Twitter promotion but Twitter automation as well. Using SocialBee it becomes easier to create content for Twitter. Many businesses and marketers use it to create posts, edit their content and then post it on Twitter.

You can schedule posts easily with SocialBee. This saves a lot of time having to log into Twitter every time you have to post something. Doesn’t matter whether you are trying to edit or create textual content or media content like images and videos you will get support for all those types of content.

A useful feature of the tool is that you can categorize your posts. This way when you schedule them you can maintain a balance between the different categories of posts. It can also help you later when you are analyzing your growth. That’s because you will know which category of post is doing better.

Audiense Connect

Audiense Connect - Twitter Automation

If you are looking for the best Twitter automation tools then one of the tools to check out is Audiense Connect. It is a tool that does much more than just automation. You can use it to get ahead of your competitors by analyzing your performance. It is a smart social marketing tool that has a bunch of features that can really help anyone looking to do better on Twitter.

One of the things that you can automate is user DMs. You can use the tool to build a chatbot that can engage with your audience or serve as the first point of contact. You can use the analytics and automated monitoring feature of the tool to get better insights about your audience.

It can help you greatly while creating content or creating Twitter ads since you will know who to target. The follow, unfollow and filter features can help engage with your audience. You can easily follow people back or unfollow them or filter out people you don’t want to follow. There are other nice features.

Social Champ

Social Champ - Twitter Automation

If you are looking for an automation tool that can help you achieve Twitter goals then you can check out Social Champ. One of the main reasons people are looking for Twitter automation tools is because they want to automate many tasks that can be redundant or mundane but do not need anything creative. A big part of such tasks is posting content on Twitter. You won’t be feeling creative every day.

So, when you do feel creative you can create multiple contents and schedule them on Social Champ. This tool allows users to schedule posts for up to three years. You can connect multiple Twitter accounts and handle all of them from this one tool.

Social Champ makes it quite easy to manage these accounts and schedule the posts. You can also schedule retweets and your original content. You can decide on a frequency. This will help you promote your original content at regular intervals.


Missinglettr - Twitter Automation

Missinglettr is an automation and social media marketing tool that you can use to better your social media game on different platforms. The tool is a good one for Twitter as well. It is one of the tools that you can use as a scheduler to schedule your posts. It is a good tool for automating different aspects of your Twitter campaign.

You just have to set it up and then you can use it to plan, create, schedule, and publish your content on Twitter. Using this tool you can increase engagement by using Missinglettr for drip campaigns.

Another good use of this tool is to find content for you. You can use this content for publishing on Twitter. You can use this tool for free but there are more features if you go for the paid version. The price starts at $15 per month which is billed annually.


PromoRepublic - Twitter Automation

PromoRepublic is a tool that helps with Twitter automation. Like most tools in this niche, PromoRepublic is a good fit for multiple social media platforms including Twitter. This makes it easier for marketers and influencers to have control over multiple social media accounts. You can use this tool to grow your online visibility.

It has an intelligence engine that one can use to get quality insights and suggestions. All the features of the tool have been created to ensure better performance and to help you scale up your organization online.

If you are looking for a social media calendar that you can use to plan your Twitter campaign and schedule your posts then you will get that here as well. Using its curation features you can get different texts, images and videos which can be good for your Twitter audience. It also provides templates to users which you can use to optimize your posts according to the social media platform you are posting on.


SociaPilot - Twitter Automation

SociaPilot is a popular automation and Market tool used by marketers, influencers and companies. It is quite easy to use and its features are suited for use on multiple social media platforms. If you are looking for a tool that can help you automate the posting of content on Twitter then this is one of the tools that you should focus on using. The scheduling feature allows users to schedule a bunch of content at once.

This saves a lot of time and effort as you can plan your content for a few months and schedule everything. It can help you stay active regularly. Besides content scheduling, this tool is also quite useful for Twitter analytics. Thus, if you are using Twitter to grow your audience or to get more target audience then use SocialPilot to analyze your niche and research the content your audience wants.

You can also figure out how well your strategy is performing. It also has features to create and customize posts for Twitter without having to worry about the character limit. You can use the curation feature to find new content ideas.



Buffer is a tool that has become popular in the social media marketing and automation niche. This is the tool to use if you want to automate some mundane yet important tasks for your Twitter promotion. The main thing about staying ahead in the social media game is to be regular and to post more often. So, if you can automate the publishing process it can be quite useful. Buffer can be used to do that.

You can just create an account on the website and use it to start scheduling content for your Twitter account. It is one of the tools that are quite easy to use and is quite well-built as well. The features are quite intuitive and you can find different resources such as FAQs on the website. You can use Buffer to customize posts as well. You can customize the posts based on Twitter’s guidelines and also create them to suit other platforms as well.



Using CoSchedule is a good idea if you are looking to automate the publishing step and connect different social media accounts to one place. The goal of the tool is to provide users with a comprehensive way to organize all their marketing in one place. This tool can be used to save a lot of time doing the various important tasks that you need to do to use social media platforms for marketing purposes.

You can get started for free. Of course, the features are limited in the free version but you can use it to try out the tool and its features. You can use the marketing calendar to plan your content and schedule them.

Having a marketing calendar handy can be quite helpful in organizing everything. One of the features of CoSchedule is to allow users to reschedule their top-performing posts. This way you can get more engagement and reach using the posts that have already proven their worth.



NapoleonCat is a tool that you can use to engage and support customers in various social media platforms. It is a social media management tool that makes any marketer’s job easier. You can do a bunch of stuff using this tool. One can publish, moderate, analyze and use the features to grow on different social media platforms.

The tool is quite useful in untangling your workflow by connecting all the relevant teams to a single platform. Multiple businesses, marketers and influencers use this platform to grow on social media. Using this tool you can engage with your target audience by automatically replying to messages coming from different platforms. There are a couple of packages starting at $21 per month. It is billed annually.



Agorapulse is a nice tool for boosting your Twitter marketing strategy. It is a tool that many brands and companies are using. Of course, one of the features of the tool is scheduling posts on Twitter but you can get much more value by combining that feature with the Twitter marketing analysis.

That way you can not only save time scheduling a bunch of posts ahead of time but also under how well you are performing by looking at the metrics. You can understand which pieces of your strategy are working the best. You can even do hashtag analysis.


So, that’s our list of some of the best Twitter automation tools. Some of the tools have a free version but most of them offer the best features in paid packages. Visit the site to get an in-depth idea about the features before choosing any tool.

Also, remember that these are just tools. You still have to bring your a-game when it comes to strategy and creativity and use these tools for efficiency. Hope you got some useful info from the list.