10 Best Facebook Marketing Tools to Gain Audience in 2023

Technology has reached new heights since the inception of Facebook. Now, the industry is all about providing personalized tools and content. For example, nowadays, brands on Facebook actively stay in touch with their target audience. Whereas, previously it was all about posting recent events and updates with little to no communication. If you’re on social media and are a brand owner, you need to adapt fast. This article will list the best Facebook Marketing Tools that you can use to build relevant marketing campaigns that help you grow! So, let us jump right into it and start building an active social media community for our brand.

Best Facebook Marketing Tools:

Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse - Facebook Marketing Tools

Agora Pulse is one of the popular social media marketing tools for Facebook marketing and a must-use! It is often difficult for business owners to manage their page activity and content schedule. If your business is in its growth phase and you cannot spare a large team for social media, Agora Pulse is one of the best Facebook marketing tools to reach for! The tool has a dashboard that offers an overview and summary of your page activity.

Hence, you do not miss updates, customer activity, and chances to interact with them. Agora Pulse allows users to schedule posts to ensure they stay true to their posting times and receive the engagement they deserve. You can also begin a wide array of social media campaigns right from the dashboard.

For example, you can start an interactive quiz to increase engagement or organize coupon campaigns to boost sales. The free version of the tool has a limit on the number of participants, but you can purchase the pro version to lift it.

Facebook Page Barometer

Facebook Page Barometer - Facebook Marketing Tools

Have you ever wondered about how your Facebook page would perform against similar ones? Want to know whether your page comes off as a strong competitor or a weak one? Well, one of Agora Pulse’s free Facebook marketing tools, the Facebook Page Barometer is the solution! The tool shows your detailed stat metrics on engagement, reach, feedback, virality, and much more. Thus, you get a quantitative report of your Facebook Page to help determine the effectiveness of your social media campaign.

It is one of the best tools for Facebook Marketing, which also compares your Facebook page results to the results of similar pages with the same number of fans. You will also find their benchmark breakdown to help you understand the areas you need to focus on. Their benchmarks are as follows:-

  • Less than 1K
  • Between 1K and 10K
  • Between 10K and 50K
  • Between 50K and 100K
  • More than 100K

OneStream Live

OneStream Live - Facebook Marketing Tools

If you’ve ever tried to view content insights, you will notice that Facebook Lives get huge engagement. People love interacting with individuals and it humanizes the brand. Moreover, the Facebook algorithm prioritizes live videos over other content. Thus, you can get more engagement by posting live videos.

But, the problem is that most people do not feel comfortable streaming. Live streaming has several risks from lack of control to going off-script. So, what is the solution? You could always live-stream pre-recorded content and we have just one of the best tools for Facebook marketing in store for you!

OneStream Live uses cloud-based advanced technologies to help you live-stream pre-recorded content across all major social media platforms, including Facebook. You can even add watermarks, logos, or thumbnails for boosting your brand identity.



Do you want to know about one of the best Facebook marketing tools used by several Fortune 500 companies? Well, you’re at the right place! ShortStack, one of the comprehensive campaign tools for Facebook marketing, makes it easy to build and start campaigns. The tool offers a wide array of contest templates that you can customize according to your brand and target audience.

You can also use ShortStack’s intuitive visual editor to build a campaign from scratch. The platform allows you to start the campaign within minutes. However, the free version does not remove ShortStack’s branding and is visible to your audience. You can upgrade to the paid version for a better brand identity. The pro version also provides access to several advanced options for better tailoring your campaign to your audience’s needs.

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Quuu Promote

Quuu Promote is one of those Facebook marketing tools that make the process much easier. It is an influencer marketing tool that promotes your content and blog posts through real people. Thus, you receive organic engagement while ensuring you get hundreds of shares, clicks, and mentions.

But, how does it work? Well, Quuu allows people to sign up for content suggestions that are geared towards their preferences. All you need to do is upload your blog post to Quuu and wait for their content curation team’s review. As soon as it gets approved, your blog post will be added to the relevant content categories on Quuu.

Now, Quuu’s users can view your content, share it, and engage further. Quuu is undoubtedly one of the best tools for Facebook marketing that helps drive up traffic and conversion rates. Every promotion on Quuu runs for 30 days and costs $40. However, you can keep on re-promoting it for free (unlimited re-promotions)!

Engaging, Personalized Invites

Have you ever wondered about how some Facebook pages have a very engaged community even with a large number of followers? How is it possible to concentrate on each one of them and make them feel valued? The answer is engaged invites. When you post on Facebook, you’ll notice that a lot of your engagement might come from people who don’t follow your page.

But, it is clear that they are interested in your brand. So, how do you convert them into community members? Go to your business Facebook page on your desktop, find your post, and click on the reaction engagement. You will be able to view who left the reactions and beside them, an option to invite them. Click on it to invite these people to become a part of your page.

This is one of those hidden Facebook marketing tools that most know exist, but do not bother to use. But, believe us, it will change your overall community engagement and result in many more positive leads. You should use these Facebook tools for marketing to make your engaged customers feel more valued and ensure you don’t lose their support.

Private Reply via Messenger (i.e. Comment Guard)

One of the best, hidden marketing tools on Facebook, comment guard lets you add new contacts to your contact list once they comment on your Facebook post. How does that work? Well, once you post something on Facebook and people comment on it, they will receive an automatic private reply on Messenger.

But, how is that useful? Most brand Facebook posts are promotional and talk about their products or maybe even offers. Hence, every comment becomes a lead that you can grab and transform into a potential customer. Do you want to know how you can implement the comment guard feature? Well, MobileMonkey is the solution! One of the best Facebook marketing tools, MobileMonkey has a feature called FB Comment Guard.

Just click on it, create an automatic responder message, insert your Messenger chat landing page, and add the comment guard to the targeted Facebook post. That’s all! Now, you can transform your audience into customers within a few minutes.

Click To Messenger Ads

One of the best hidden Facebook tools for marketing, the click-to-Messenger Ad is just an advanced version of a Facebook ad. The only difference is that the click-to-Messenger Ad redirects people to your Messenger instead of a landing page.

As soon as the person clicks on the Messenger button, they become a lead that you can pursue. You can use MobileMonkey to implement these unique marketing tools on Facebook. The app generates a Facebook Messenger sequence that ensures your target audience converts into a paying customer.

It is also one of the best Facebook marketing tools that use a chatbot to ask questions, engage with the users, and bring them through the conversion funnel. Thus, it reduces the number of direct messages you receive, making it easier to handle and engage with potential customers.

Facebook Messenger Marketing

We cannot miss Facebook Messenger Marketing from our list of the best Facebook marketing tools and say it is comprehensive! The tool is hidden in plain sight and most novice marketers do not pay attention to it. But, it can be one of the most useful marketing tools on Facebook, especially in this era of digital marketing.

If you’re curious about how Messenger can help you gain customers, let us clear it up for you. What do you use Messenger for? Aha! Yes, people use Messenger to set up conversations with others, but what if you used it to reach your target customers? Think of it as a modernized approach to email marketing, but instead, more personal and effective.

Statistics suggest that Messenger messages have an open rate between 50% and 80%, a clickthrough rate of 20%, and a 3-5 times higher conversion rate than Facebook Ads. Hence, Facebook Messenger Marketing is one of the most obvious Facebook tools for marketing, that you should start with ASAP!

View Competitor’s Ads

Were you looking for some more effective marketing tools on Facebook? Don’t worry. We’ve got your back! Did you know that Facebook has a hidden feature that lets you view your competitor’s ads? Yes! Follow these steps to learn more about what your competitor is promoting and draw inspiration:-

  • Find your competitor’s Facebook page.
  • Tap on the ‘i’ button for more information. You will be able to view details like whether the page ever changed names, its date of creation, and the locations of the page managers.
  • Now, tap on ‘Go To Ad Library.’ If your competitor runs ads (current or previous ones), they will come up here.

Thus, you will be able to understand the type of content your competitors promote and draw inspiration from. However, you will not be able to view the ad insights. But, the type of images and copies used is enough detail for building and editing your social media campaigns. Hence, View Competitor’s Ads is one of the best Facebook marketing tools that you should use!


There are a host of Facebook Marketing tools that you can use, but we’ve listed some of the best. If you’ve used any of these before, let us know your reviews in the comments below. You can also drop a list of your suggested tools to help out fellow marketers and brand owners.