13 Most-Trusted Instagram Automation Tools to Try in 2023

There are several Instagram automation solutions. However, how can you tell if the Instagram automation software you’re utilizing is reliable? These tools are meant to increase the effectiveness of your Instagram marketing campaigns, but if you use them carelessly, you risk breaking Instagram’s increasingly strict anti-automation policies.

Fortunately, you can streamline your Instagram marketing with the use of Instagram automation solutions without upsetting the Instagram gods. We’ll expose you to 13 of our best Instagram automation tools in this article. But first, let’s talk about what Instagram automation is in general before we get to the tools.

What is Instagram Automation?

Instagram automation is the management of your Instagram account using third-party applications and technologies. In addition to like, commenting, reporting, and other actions, it could require scheduling posts. Instagram postings are frequently automated using bots. You wouldn’t be far off if you assumed that reading the word “bot” would make you think of “spam.”

Instagram has been fighting against bot-generated fraudulent activity for a few years. As a result, it was necessary to remove a number of Instagram automation tools and bots that go against Instagram’s best practises. However, it’s important to understand that not all Instagram automation solutions are obtrusive. Utilizing Automation tools for post scheduling, selecting relevant hashtags, and other duties is perhaps one of the finest ways to automate your Instagram marketing efforts.

Best Instagram Automation Tool in 2023

Seek socially

Seek socially - Instagram Automation

If you’re looking for an free Instagram automation solution that can significantly impact your growth, Seek Socially is a fantastic option. This is the kind of business that is passionate about assisting its customers and has actual, focused followers that are by your industry and niche and who will be interested in reading your material for a considerable amount of time.

One of the aspects of this website that stands out to us the most is that it can assist you not only with your Instagram growth but also with your Twitter and TikTok growth at the same time. We appreciate that they claim to have worked with companies, celebrities, and influencers all across the world and that their customer base already numbers more than 10,000. Starting at $44 a month, their cost is fair and will get you some fundamental growth features and typical organic development.

We advise you to check out their premium plan, which will set you back $99 per month if you want to advance your Instagram profile. With this one, you can experience limitless growth as well as priority assistance. Check out the details on their website if you have any additional inquiries about what they can offer you.



One of the best growth services you can utilize for your Instagram growth is Growthoid, in all seriousness. Why? Considering that they are all about focused progress. Growthoid is aware that the bulk of its customers wants to expand their Instagram profiles in a targeted method that will last for a very long period.

They want to learn more about your target market and how they can assist you in reaching them, regardless of whether you have a personal or business page on Instagram. They think that one of the greatest methods to do this is to focus on the communities of your competitors so that you may entice them to check out your content instead of that of your rivals. This is an excellent approach to outperforming the competition and developing your Instagram presence organically.

A professional account manager will be assigned to you to assist with Instagram growth optimization. Growthoid will communicate with the most pertinent followers for your niche or industry using the targeting settings you specify. As a result, you’ll experience an increase in engagement, gain more followers, and generate more interest in your work. You won’t need to worry about your Instagram profile being compromised because Growthoid uses organic means to do their task.


Kicksta - Instagram Automation

You’ll likely continue to use some comparable interactions when you build your account without using Instagram automation, such as watching Instagram stories, liking content, sending DMs, and the like. Kicksta places a lot of emphasis on the first one, providing Instagram automation services that will generate a large number of engagements in the hopes of increasing your follower count.

If you have a tight budget, Kicksta might not be an option for you since their services are a little on the pricier side. But depending on what’s acceptable for you, Kicksta might deliver just the outcomes you need.



You should certainly check out Circleboom if being able to automate your Instagram activity is truly essential to you. You can schedule your Instagram posts with these folks, which is one of their many services that will be very beneficial to your Instagram growth.

As soon as you visit their website, you’ll see that they can assist you with a variety of platforms in addition to Instagram, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. You don’t need to disclose your credit card information to make use of these first capabilities; all you need to do is submit your email address to take advantage of all the services they offer in terms of your Instagram growth.

It’s incredibly beneficial to find businesses like Circleboom that only have your best interests in mind because, as you are surely aware, the world of Instagram automation is replete with businesses who only want to take advantage of you. They can even assist you in simultaneously managing many Instagram profiles.


Flick - Instagram Automation

The flick is genuinely among the best techniques to expand your Instagram following because they approach it indirectly. We’re not suggesting that you go about it in a time-wasting or uncomfortable manner; rather, we’re suggesting that you concentrate on the one element of your Instagram page that is more crucial than anything else: your hashtags.

It makes absolutely no sense to try to expand your Instagram page if you don’t have your hashtags organized. Whether or not you use Instagram automation, the hashtag is one thing that will always be in style. These folks are aware of this, which is why they provide their customers with one of the greatest hashtag generators. We value the fact that they not only assist their clients in locating the appropriate hashtags for their industry but also offer thorough analytics regarding each tag and even allow you to save them for later usage on other content.

Yes, they automate hashtag generating, but since they use Instagram’s official API, there isn’t even the slightest chance of misleading information destabilizing your account. With Flick, you’ll obtain the best outcomes and more reach for your content, assisting you in getting it in front of the appropriate audiences.



Nitreo has been in the business long enough to understand that its Instagram automation tools and management make them one of those growth businesses that stands out from the competition. Most businesses like these just take shortcuts and don’t really consider the quality of their features; instead, they focus more on quantity. This is a major warning sign that you should definitely ignore.

They guarantee real outcomes as well as the capacity to get more of the Instagram followers that you adore, and they will only require a few minutes to set up totally. The best part is that all you have to do to officially sign up with them is input your email address, and they’ll get to work growing your personal and company pages for you. At the end of the day, these folks are all about safety and ease, which is welcome for an Instagram automation option.


Combin - Instagram Automation

When it comes to Instagram automation, Combin offers two major service options: growth and schedule. As you can see, they each have a distinct function, so you may select the one that will work best for you based on your objectives and how you intend to utilize Instagram automation.

Combin bills its product as an Instagram marketing tool with several tools for audience targeting, analysis, management, and engagement that aid in growing a devoted following for your Instagram account.



Previously known as Ingramer, Inflact was an Instagram automation program that placed a strong emphasis on follower expansion. They changed their name and developed a whole new set of tools to assist you to automate various aspects of your Instagram account more securely because it appears that they weren’t able to provide it as fully as they did in the past.

Their powerful direct messenger, a chatbot with auto-replies, bulk DMs and CRM capabilities, post scheduling, AI hashtag generator, hashtag trends, influencer search, profile analyzer, and other tools are all available to you. You can choose from a variety of Instagram automation services offered by Inflact to build your own unique tool that is tailored to your unique requirements.

Tailwind app

Tailwind app - Instagram Automation

Tailwind App can be a terrific option for you if you’re seeking an Instagram automation solution that will serve as a clever marketing assistant. For a complete toolset, Tailwind can assist you with automating your social media designs, scheduling, and analytics.

Even the most unskilled Instagram newbie may feel in charge of their profile by using Tailwind’s robust suite of Instagram tools, which include features like hashtag finder, smart schedule, and Instagram design optimization. With Tailwind, you can schedule stories and carousels, post automatically, schedule hashtags for your first comment, and much more.



It isn’t an Instagram automation tool, but even so, we’ve included it because it has a lot to offer in terms of content production and may help you create polished, attention-grabbing social media posts that will help you attract followers. Canva provides a wide range of templates for practically every form of social media post imaginable in addition to other digital material and templates to assist you in editing and creating media for email campaigns and other uses.

You’re guaranteed to gain an advantage over the competition and save a tonne of time in your content creation, posting, hashtag strategy, and other tasks when you use Canva along with your chosen Instagram automation tools from our list above.



When it comes to growing your Instagram following, you may have to put your faith in a business that you might not ordinarily partner with. The next business on our list, which has pricing that is undoubtedly on the pricey side, fits this description, and if you have a relatively little budget, you might want to think twice before even considering them for your Instagram growth.

However, we believe they will be worth your time based on the caliber of their features and the caliber of their customer service. In an industry like this, we really believe that you get what you pay for, and in this instance, you unquestionably receive value for your money.



Stormlikes is the greatest growth service option since they are aware that, despite Instagram automation, the vast majority of clients who contact them are searching for anything that will assist them in finding the top followers for their niche.

They don’t want to be played with, and they most definitely don’t want to receive an engagement that is phony and deceptive. Stormlikes puts a lot of effort into developing a real, engaged audience for their clients, and they won’t settle for anything less. They wish to ensure that the following community is devoted, active, and long-lasting while providing you with worthwhile services that will turn clients’ Instagram profiles into profitable brands.

They claim that once you’ve selected the best plan for your requirements, they may speak with you about the characteristics of your target market and support your growth by what you talked about with them. These individuals may simply assist you in expanding your perspective Instagram following and, eventually, generating revenue from your expanded following.



SocialCaptain is an attentive and serious growth service for Instagram users, and they assert that with their features, getting the followers you need has never been simpler. These people make the setup procedure incredibly simple because they are aware that time is money in the company world, much like some of the other growth services we’ve discussed so far.

The more manually you can build your Instagram page, the more likely it is that others who visit it will engage with your material and follow you back. They base all they do on this methodology and based on the reviews left by past clients, we think they have had nothing but success with it.


The above-mentioned 13 Instagram automation tools will help revolutionise the content you put out and the processes that you have set. We’re sure that these will help you out a lot. Till then, keep scrolling and spread the word.